And we’re back!

Hi – we’ve not have a web presence for a long time. However, we have still been making compost, mending fences and raising crops. We have a free TAFE course starting on Saturday 1st September :

Hands on sustainable vegetable gardening.

Grab your hat & gloves and don’t forget closed in shoes, come along and get involved!


Saturday volunteers 12th September

Saturday volunteers 12th September

Volunteers gathered at the Community Garden on a sunny and warm early Spring day for gardening and socialising.

Gardeners started by fertilising remaining garden beds with organic blood and bone fertiliser and watering vegetables with a foliar application of Seasol nutrient supplement to boost Spring growth of plants.


Crops were watered well with the continuing dry weather, but vegetables are growing rapidly with the warm Spring days.



Young broad bean seedlings in garden bed 5 are now well emerged and growing well.


Mizuna in garden bed 1 has bolted and is displaying a wonderful array of yellow flowers.


Gardeners also did some further work in developing garden bed 6 for Spring plantings.


An enjoyable volunteer session at the Community Garden!

Saturday  volunteers 5th September

Saturday volunteers 5th September

With the official arrival of the Spring Season in September, volunteers met at the Mid Mountains Community Gardens to get the Spring growing program underway.

The first activities of the session were to weed garden beds, fertilise with organic ‘blood and bone’ fertiliser and re-mulch bare areas with straw mulch.


What great work done by the volunteers!



Volunteers and visitors admired the spectacular growth of broadbean and Asian salad vegetable crops under the netted protection of garden bed 1.



With the continuing dry weather, volunteers needed to water crops, including newly emerging broadbean seedlings protected under the straw mulch in garden bed 5.


Another great day at the community gardens!

Saturday volunteers 29th August

Saturday volunteers 29th August

With the warm sunny weather continuing in the Mid Mountains, Spring is already here!

Volunteers began with removing the existing protection netting structure over garden bed 1 as it was realised that it would not allow the rapidly growing broad bean crop to reach its full height. New, taller hoops were installed in their place.


Anchor posts were were driven in at the ends of the bed and new, wider bird protection netting was installed over the hoops.



What a great job done by the volunteers!


This will allow sufficient height for a crop support trellis to be installed to support the rapidly growing bean crop that is now flowering profusely.


With the dry weather continuing, crops needed to be watered.


Another productive day at the community gardens!


Saturday volunteers 22nd August

Saturday volunteers 22nd August

It was a very warm and sunny August day in the Mid Mountains – great for gardening and socialising at the Community Gardens!


Volunteers began by weeding around the vegetable seedlings in bed 4 and mulching with matured lucerne hay.



What a great job done by the volunteers! The mulch will conserve soil moisture, control weed growth and improve the growth of seedlings.


Curly Green Kale seedlings are now growing very rapidly with the warmer weather.


Other Asian Salad greens are also growing quickly…..


While the sharp flavoured Giant Mustard Greens will soon be ready for picking and used to spice up a salad or wrap a stir fried rice creation!


Volunteers enjoyed a cup of tea and some refreshments in the sun while planning garden activities at the Community Gardens monthly member’s meeting – these are now being held during the day at Kihilla over the colder winter months.

Here is some of the fresh organic produce which volunteers were rewarded with for their efforts!


Another great day at the Community Gardens!

Member’s meeting and gardening this coming Saturday 22nd August

Member’s meeting and gardening this coming Saturday 22nd August

The monthly member’s meeting of the Mid Mountains Community Gardens will be held at the community gardens, after gardening, at 11am this coming Saturday, 22nd August 2015.

All members and interested community members are invited to attend. The Community gardens are located at Kihilla Retreat and Conference Centre, 5-17 Queens Road, Lawson.

We will be having a site inspection to continue planning of the development of garden infrastructure, including garden beds, fencing and a proposed new water tank, for inclusion in a revision of our Memorandum of Understanding. We will also be planning garden activities for the coming Spring and Summer seasons and would like the participation of all members and visitors. Come along and get involved in your local community garden!

See you all on Saturday!

Saturday volunteers 15th August

Saturday volunteers 15th August

On another warm, fine and sunny Saturday in the Mid Mountains, it feels as though Spring is here early, and volunteers came along to continue preparing the garden for a productive growing season.

Volunteers started by weeding garden bed 3 and mulching around seedlings with matured lucerne hay to conserve soil moisture and control weed growth.


What a great job, which will also ensure that seedlings grow faster and give greater yields!


Here are young seedlings being watered by volunteers as we have had very little rain in the last few weeks.


Next, volunteers began clearing and cultivating garden bed 5 as this bed hasn’t been planted with new crops for some time.


Volunteers then planted the majority of the bed with broad bean seeds which will provide a quick crop and also increase the nitrogen fertility of the soil.


The bed was then covered with a temporary layer of straw mulch to conserve soil moisture and temperature, thereby improving seed germination and early crop growth.


Volunteers were rewarded for their efforts with some great tasting, local and organic produce from the community garden!