Bendigo bank cuts garden’s emissions

The generous sponsorship of the Community Bendigo Bank has allowed the Community Gardens to show the wider community of the benefits of a self propelled battery electric mower in providing a cleaner and safer practice of collecting grass clippings for composting for the growing of food crops.

When charged by solar panels -which most garden members have – the emissions of the mower are effectively zero. An additional benefit is the much quieter operation of the mower compared to petrol mowers. And instead of exhaust fumes, the sweet smell of freshly cut grass is all that lingers after Ray cuts a swath.

Bendigo Bank adds drought resilience

The Mid Mountains Community Garden is very pleased to have received sponsorship from Bendigo Bank, Katoomba for the construction of a heavy duty base as preparation for the installation of a rain water tank. Last summer we almost ran out of water. This year we have TWO full tanks! The garden plants are flourishing and the community volunteers have increased hope for a good harvest this season. THANK YOU BENDIGO BANK!

Lots of work in low-level lockdown

Even when we could only have two at a time at the gardens we spread ourselves around the days and got lots of winter work done. We have used some grant monies on infrastructure and equipment.

We are grateful that Edible Garden Trail has provided us with a $500 grant for garden equipment. Attendance was good at this event, with a steady stream of visitors we were glad to meet and show around.

The Wentworth Health Well-being grant has enabled us to provide a walkable ramp and handrails are currently under construction to assist less able people access to the gardens. Though workshops have had to be suspended due to Covid 19 we hope to hold them in the future.

We have carved out swales and an innovative in-ground wicking bed in a corner of clay soil. We are planting fruit trees on the swales.

A fruit tree ready for planting in the steep slope, lentil-covered swale. Note new handrail in background.

We also have a $2,000 Federal Government Volunteers Grant for a water tank. As we are not on mains water, and we nearly ran out of water at the end of 2019, we are extremely grateful for this new infrastructure which we hope to have installed once a site has been levelled.

During Covid 19 there is a second work session on Tuesdays 9-12. We would welcome carpenters (garden bed edges), plumbers (tank installation) and other handy people as well as gardeners, though no experience is necessary.

We do not charge membership; a gold coin at morning tea is preferable to go towards our day to day expenses.

Contact Janet 0407926386 for ore information.

Please nourish us with your thoughts

Planning for the coming year is underway and we’d like to hear from you.

We’re planning workshops on garden bed construction, wicking beds and tool use and maintenance. We’re talking to TAFE about the possibility of running a therapeutic horticulture class. We’re also excited to have received some funding to improve access to the garden. Once the
weather settles down we’ll start work on putting in an access ramp, steps and a hand rail. 

We think these ideas are great, but we’d also like to hear from you. What would you like to see happening at the garden in the coming year? There are a couple of ways you can share your ideas and feedback with us.

Cuppa and a Chat  – We’ll be at the garden this Saturday 15th February from 9am to 12noon. We’d like to invite you down to see how the garden may have changed since your last visit and to join us for morning tea at 10 am (rain or shine) so we can hear your thoughts.

The Blue Mountains Edible Garden Trail – The Mid Mountains Community Garden will once again be open for this years Edible Garden Trail. This year we’ll be open on Saturday 7th March from 10am to 4pm. 
If you’re not able to join us on either of these days there’s a quick survey here.

We’d like to know what brought you to the garden in the first place and what you hoped to get out of visiting. We’d like to know what you’d like to see happening and what would bring you back. We’d also really like to know why you stopped coming and what kind of barriers may exist that stopped you from being a regular visitor to the garden. 

We’re also planning an open day for the end of March, so keep an eye out for more information coming soon. We look forward to seeing you again, Janet (and the community garden team).

Wicking bed workshop – August 3rd

We cut a 1000 litre plastic tank in two and filled the bottom 20cm of one half with landscaper blue metal. Holes were drilled through the tank 20cm up to allow overflow to leak out. Onto this went weed matting, with a hole cut for a PVC tube to allow water to be poured into the bottom. Another PVC tube with slots cut was placed onto the weed mat to be a worm hotel. Then compost was shovelled in. Old iron was attached around the outside.

Thanks to Ray, Janet, Emily, Jess, Melinda, Sandra and Jed for making this water and nutrient saving recycled wicking garden. Contact us if you want to help make the other half!

Edible Garden Trail – Sat March 2nd

Backyard growers, large and small, from Lapstone to Hartley will open their gardens to the public on the weekend of 2nd and 3rd March 2019 sharing their passion and knowledge to inspire self-reliance.

The Mid Blue Mountains Community Garden will be open for the trail only on the Saturday March 2nd from 10 – 4 pm.

The Edible Garden Trail is a not-for-profit community event, and is this year sponsored by Scenic World Shared, Bendigo Bank Katoomba, Blue Mountains City Council and Blue Mountains Food Co-op.

Visitors to the Edible Garden Trail are required to purchase tickets ($25 per person/$20 concession or groups of 4+). The ticket, which comes with a wristband and program, gives visitors access to all gardens on the trail over both days of the weekend. Individual garden tickets can be purchased at individual gardens at a cost of $5 per person/$2 concession.

Proceeds from the sale of tickets go towards the running costs of the trail, printing of the program, and to fund school and community garden grants. Last year the inaugural Edible Garden Trail donated $2000 in garden grants to Mount Victoria and Blackheath Public Schools, Kindlehill School and Blackheath Community Farm.

Banks help with garden infrastructure

MMCG (auspiced by Belong BM) would like to acknowledge two community grants: Bendigo Bank‘s $500 for irrigation and drought proofing and

Bankwest‘s $200 towards the purchase of a brush cutter. Both are much appreciated, with thanks.

We meet on Saturdays 9-12 in the grounds of Kihilla 5-17 Queens Road, Lawson. Volunteers are welcome to assist with all types of garden work and to reap the harvest rewards. No experience is needed, only willingness. Contact 0407926386 for further information or just turn up.

BELOW: Something is watching Ray, but he can’t see it. Can you?

Vale Neville 2004-2018

2008-09-01 11.16.06

The gardens aren’t quite the same without Nev, founding member and Ray’s trusty companion of many a Saturday morning. He struggled up the slope to greet visitors until the end, even in the summer sun. He loved to snap away at rainwater from the hose, hang out with visiting dogs and drown out conversation when he felt like having a stick thrown for him. See ya Nev, we miss you mate.