Join the community!



Are you interested in growing and sharing food? building community? making new friends? learning new skills? being more sustainable in your life?

Whether you want to get your hands dirty or just come and chat to like-minded community gardeners we have a place for you!

We encourage children and adults to come and participate!

As well as our regular volunteer sessions that revolve around maintaining and expanding our current planting beds and lovely compost piles, we run workshops and educational sessions.

We have members who are involved in local food production and seed saving and we welcome anyone with a genuine interest in growing plants and talking about gardening.

Who are we?

We are a group of local mountains community members who like to grow plants and garden with other people.

Where are we located?

We are maintaining and developing a garden space at Kihilla Retreat and Conference Centre located on Queens Road in Lawson. We operate within their land space but are separate and independent from them.

How do the community gardens operate?

The Mid Mountains Community Gardens operates under an auspice agreement with the Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre, a local community organisation that assists local groups in a wide variety of activities.

MMCG has a philosphy that the members drive the group and make the decisions. Meetings are held on a monthly basis of the full membership group.

MMCG has several teams that carry out discreet but intertwined functions. The groups are Communications, Admin, Gardens Design, Education and Events and Resources. These teams then have representatives meet at the Co-ordination Committee which brings it all together. Members are welcome and encouraged to join any team they like. Contributions to the teams can be made at the regular team meetings to discuss the issues that relate to that group.

New members are extremely welcome, and memberships are designed to be available to all at $2 per year.

Please send an email to:  –  posted: 23 November 2018.


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